About Us

Fougaros Paxos Rentals

First years

Fougaros Rental Company has been in business for over 20 years now and is proud to present you with the largest inventory of exclusive private and multi resident Paxos villas and studios for vacation rental on the island of Paxos.

They are personally selected high quality accommodations at competitive prices with personal care and attention to the client guaranted.

Our Services

We also rent cars, bikes and boats making otherwise trublesome chores a very pleasent one-stop experience.

We are ourselves residents of Paxos and we are enchanted by the island. We share this feeling with our guests, having earned a fine reputation for our warm hospitality and the quality of Paxos accommodation we offer. We will help you to choose the place you will stay and to explore the island by car, bicycle, bike, boat or on foot in order to discover the unique beauty of the island.

Our Aim

We have been in the tourist business since we were young, each one of us in a separate area. So, in 2004 we decided to incorporate our different areas of expertise under one roof in a well-organised tourist agency. That’s how the idea for our family business Fougaros Tailored Travel started, and if you are wondering about the name “Fougaros” (ship’s funnel), it is the nickname of our family which has been passed down through the generations.

Our friendly and pleasant office and staff are looking forward to welcoming you and to catering for all your needs for trouble-free and enjoyable holidays!